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Discover the health benefits of Edmark Spiro Cereal Mix with Spirulina Powder – 30g x 16 Sachets per packet.

Meal that Heals
spiro edmark spiro

Edmark Spiro is a Cereal drink that provides fibre for your optimum digestive health
Suitable for all the family
Ideal for breakfast
Suitable for snacking between meals
Provides energy when needed
Reduces Cancer risks with antioxidant protection, inhibits viral replication.
Strengthens the immune system.
Supports cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol.
Improves gastrointestinal and digestive health.
Enhances the natural cleansing and detoxification mechanism.

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Edmark Spiro Cereal Mix with Spirulina Powder is manufactured under GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 standards.

Pour contents of sachet into a cup, fill with 180ml of hot water, stir well and your Edmark Spiro Cereal is ready to drink.

You can make spiro into thick paste and eat like oatmeal. Just add water to edmark spiro powder and mix to paste and eat. You can use more than one sachet each time.

NAFDAC No. B1 – 9150

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Edmark Spiro Cereal Mix With Spirulina Powder - 30g X 16 Sachets | Dietary Supplements for sale in Abuja, Nigeria

 cocollagen edmark beverage drink
Edmark Cocollagen is an anti-ageing chocolate flavoured beverage enriched with high grade quality marine collagen.

Cocollagen edmark beverage drink is a chocolate flavoured delicious drink formulated with cocollagen for your wellness and health enhancement.

Edmark Cocollagen Review

It comes in a pack of 20 sachets x 30 grams each of cocollagen powder. NAFDAC APPROVED! No. A1 – 8977

To drink, pour content of sachet into a cup and fill with 30 cl of hot water, stir and your refreshing and skin rejuvenation drink is ready.

Cocollagen is a chocolate flavoured beverage enriched with high grade quality marine collagen that nourishes your skin to make it firm and lift the signs of ageing, thus reviving its naturally healthy and youthful glow.

Health Benefits of Edmark CoCollagen Anti-Aging Drink

edmark cocollagen testimonials
– Plumps up the skin and lips.
– Reduces depth of fine lines and wrinkles.
– Smoothens “crow’s feet” lines and reduces furrows.
– Reduces dark circles around eyes.
– Promotes skin elasticity.
– Firms and tightens sagging skin.
– Reduces visibility of stretch marks.
– Revitalizes appearance.
– Helps achieve a glowing radiant complexion.
– Rejuvenates mature skin.
– Tones and moisturises the skin.

Cocollagen Edmark Product

Like most proteins, collagen can be derived from a variety of food sources. Soy products like milk and cheese, dark green vegetables like spinach and asparagus, peanuts like cashew, pecans and almonds contain healthy amounts of collagen.

Fish like tuna and salmon are excellent sources of omega fatty acids that stimulate collagen production. Red fruits like red peppers, tomatoes and berries, help boost anti oxidants to enhance collagen's function.

However, having a protein-rich diet is not enough. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, our skin deserves more because it sheilds our body from harm. Thus, it is a must to keep it nourished with collagen regularly.
edmark cocollagen collagen choco beverage

Edmark Cocollagen Drink is the tonic you need for daily rejuvenation of your skin.

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